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The NAD Founding team is composed of members of the Executive Boards of ANAD (the Guinea-based NGO) and NAD Partners (the U.S.-based 501c3) and other partners of the NAD “social enterprise”.  These include the founder (President of ANAD), his son (President of NAD Partners), employees of NAD, and partner experts who support the planning and operations of NAD’s school, medical center, training center, and community center (the NAD “public square”).

President of ANAD

Mohamed Yaya Balde

Mohamed Yaya Baldé is the founder and original driving force behind the NAD Complex project.  From a large Muslim family and a polygamous culture, Mohamed married once only and, after completing his own education in the City of Labé, worked to ensure that his four children were well educated in both West Africa and the United States. After careers in both government and the private sector, Mohamed has turned his attention to the cause-based work of his non-governmental organization ANAD (Association NAD).  His goal is more effective community development in the Labé region of Fouta Djallon (Middle Guinea).  The means to achieving this goal is the NAD Complex, a center that offers quality primary education, healthcare services, vocational training, and more effective community development through the animation of Labé’s community life and the enhanced coordination of NGO activities.

President of NAD Partners and Directeur général of NAD

Ahmadou Balde

Youngest son of Mohamed, Ahmadou Baldé is a recent graduate of Bentley University’s MBA program.  Educated in Guinea, Senegal, and the United States (Salem University for his undergraduate studies), he is interested in entrepreneurship, writing, philosophy, and humanism. As a U.S. resident, Ahmadou shuttles between the United States and Guinea to fulfill his duties as President of NAD Partners and as Directeur général of NAD.  The former responsibility focuses on fund raising in support of special features of the NAD Complex, including medical supplies for the Medical Center and scholarship support for those children whose families cannot pay the full fees for the quality schooling the pupils receive.  As Directeur général, Ahmadou leads the NAD School’s recruitment program for both students and teachers as well as having responsibility for curriculum development where he is supported by several of NAD’s expert partners.

NAD School Principal & NAD Training Center Trainer

Josheph Haba

Joseph Haba is a highly credentialed educator with over 27 years of experience in both public and private sector schools.  Trained in Guinea, Senegal, and France, “Monsieur” Haba has taught and managed schools in France, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire, and Guinea. At the NAD School, he has overall responsibility for day-to-day management of all aspects—both scholastic and administrative—of the school’s conduct and success.  He is deeply involved in student and teacher recruitment, training of the latter, parent-teacher relationships, and, in general, the reputation of the school.  Joseph Haba provides a unique combination of teaching and administrative talent, wisdom, and discipline.

NAD Partners Executive Board

Janak Joshi

Janak Joshi leads technology and corporate strategy for lifeIMAGE, one of the largest healthcare exchanges supporting hundreds of Academic Medical Centers, biotech companies and medical device manufacturers globally. In this capacity, he is responsible for bringing novel solutions to problems from trauma to in-patient to ambulatory to long-term care facilities that cut across institutional boundaries, vendor systems and medical devices.  His specific focus is on patient safety, guideline compliance, access and coordination and benefits management. A long time member of CommonWell and CareEquality, Janak chairs the imaging workgroup at CommonWell responsible for establishing patient-centric use cases and standards across the U.S. and European vendor ecosystem. He is responsible for contributing to CommonWell’s strategy and business development. In his early healthcare career, Janak worked at Harvard University and Partners Healthcare System, working with industry leaders to set a best practice in ambulatory EMR workflows and research innovation.

NAD Partners Executive Board

Domenic Amara

Dr. Domenic G. Amara, Phd, is the former Academic Superintendent for Middle and K-8 schools of the Boston Public School District. Prior to that role, he was the principal of the Warren Prescott K-8 School in Charlestown for 21 years after teaching science in the East Boston High School.

NAD Advisor – Education, Healthcare, Business Management

Moussa Ely

Moussa Ely brings more than 20 years of experience in the fields of science, research, teaching, and management.  With special strengths in project management and financial analysis, his professional experience includes scientific and academic positions as well as work with non-governmental organizations in the areas of health and paramedical training and Third World rural development. Moussa’s teaching experience covers business formation, financial analysis, quality control methods, risk analysis and organizational management.

NAD Advisor -- Healthcare

Dr. Charles Diemé is a member of the faculty at Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar in Senegal and works at the Aristide Le Dantec Teaching hospital. He is the lead MD on the NAD Medical Center implementation team and works directly with NAD’s founder, Mohamed Yaya Baldé. Dr. Diemé’s recent research has focused on conditions related to tuberculosis as illustrated by his papers entitled “Tuberculous Tenosynovitis of the Wrist and the Hand” and “Septic Hip Dislocation Secondary to Tuberculosis”.

NAD Advisor – K-6 Curriculum Training

Sarah Glover

Sarah Glover recently completed four years as Vice President of Client Success at Panorama Education, where she led a 45-person team to deliver services to over 600 clients and nearly 9 million students. Panorama helps schools improve student outcomes by collecting and analyzing student social emotional learning data and other feedback from students, teachers and families. Previously, Sara was at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she was the founding executive director of the Strategic Data Project, a national effort to transform the use of data in education.  Before Harvard, she founded and ran her own education policy consulting business working with superintendents and leadership teams of some of the nation’s largest school districts on governance, goal-setting, and planning and with education-focused foundations, including The Broad Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

NAD Advisor – K-6 Program Development

Patsy Lightbown

Patsy Lightbown has worked for more than forty years in the fields of language teaching and language learning. Her research has focused on the teaching and learning of second and foreign languages in classroom contexts. Distinguished Professor Emerita at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, she is a writer and editor as well as a consultant and advisor to teachers, policy makers, curriculum developers, administrators, and evaluators of second and foreign language instructional programs. Having served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger in 1965-1967, she is using her experience and skillset to identify and contribute to educational and humanitarian projects in West Africa.

NAD Advisor – Business Strategy, Organization, and Planning

Tom Lightbown

Tom Lightbown brings 40 years of management consulting experience to the NAD Complex project.  He has worked in the areas of strategy, organization, business planning, and project management.  During his career, Tom advised public and private sector clients, both large and small, in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.  Beginning in the transportation sector, he moved through operations management to strategic planning, finally working in the pharmaceutical industry, with a focus on the vaccines sector. A Peace Corps volunteer in Niger in 1965-67, the NAD Complex is a project that has brought Tom out of retirement.

The NAD School Teaching Team

NAD Teaching Team

Their names are Sidibé, Lamine, Oumou, Joseph, and Elisabeth.  They are the teachers at the NAD School. With training and experience in delivering innovative, high quality educational experiences, they are making a difference in the lives of the children who pass through the gates of the NAD Complex’s school. Innovative, high quality primary education is rare in Guinea.  At the kindergarten level, it is even rarer. Rarest of all, a program that incorporates hands-on learning with Montessori-style tools and teachings will establish a strong foundation for academic learning by the school’s students and success through the grade levels.

The NAD Team teachers bring this value to the school every day!